About Us

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." -Unknown

Sue Opeka

We’re passionate about spreading positivity, inspiration and a sense of well-being in the world. To that end we are constantly seeking out unique items which fit with our mission to connect you with products which have a positive focus, bring a smile, promote well-being, and keep us grounded in what’s possible.

Each item is hand-picked by founder Susan Opeka (many of which were carried in her brick-and-mortar store) and her particular thoughts about many of the items are included in its description. "I love the idea of inspiring others through a great quote, book or discussion, and have always believed that when people gather around a common goal or idea, magic can happen. There is so much strength in knowing you are not alone."  Sue is always interested in your feedback on an item; feel free to send your comments to Sue via our Contact Us page.

Our mission at Uplifting Goods is to inspire the best in you and we:

  • Present a unique and inspiring merchandise collection, curated by Susan Opeka, founder of The Present Moment
  • Genuinely care that what we provide touches something in you
  • Distribute items for The Present Moment, Inc. for its One Thought Away(TM) project
  • Provide safe and secure order processing with fast order turn-around
  • Take care of you via our outstanding customer service and
  • Offer the opportunity for you to be an Inspiration Igniter (our customer loyalty program). COMING SOON!

Thank you for shopping with us.