Amy Solomonson - Rock Cairns

Amy Solomonson

Rock Cairns are pathway markers for journeys taken by land and by sea, and have existed in nature and meditation for thousands of years. They are a talisman for your desk, altar, or windowsill. They are reminders that when our lives take twists and turns, balance will be restored. It may not look the way we imagined, but rather balance will exist in a new, unexpectedly beautiful way.

Created by artist Amy Solomonson, these one-of-a-kind, 3 to 5 inches tall cairns are a perfect gift  for men as well as women. They are a unique way to acknowledge a personal  journey such as a birthday, wedding or retirement when a monetary gift alone may not feel personal enough. Cairns can also be given to someone we love who is grieving a loss.

An artist card, indicating the cairn's name, is included with every cairn and carries the following statement: "Rock Cairns are pathway markers for journeys taken by land and by sea. The delicate balance of rocks weather many challenges, yet stand to remind us of where we have been and all that is yet to be. These rocks and sea glass are from trails, lakes and oceans around the world. This Cairn was individually balanced before being bonded.”

The card is also signed by Amy as a testament that there is no other cairn like it.

The cairns are shipped directly from the artist and will arrive within 7 business days. Price is inclusive of packaging, handling and shipping.