Color Power Necklaces

Color Power Necklaces

Welcome the energy and power of color with these enchanting stone necklaces from Lucky Feather. Delightful teardrop gems are strung on a linen/poly cord and carded on beautiful mandala inspired cards.  

Each color represents a different trait and the energy associated with it -- 

Red - Energy
Orange - Joy
Yellow - Strength
Green - Heart
Blue - Truth
Purple - Creativity

Feeling low on energy today? You'll want to wear a red Color Power Necklace for, as the card says, "may the power of red inspire vitality and vibrance around you." Going into a tough meeting? Blue, for truth, would be a great choice - "may the power of blue inspire positive and honest connections." Or perhaps it's creativity you desire - "may the power of violet encourage the creativity that you seek."

Color Power Necklaces are great for pairing with other necklaces and can also be worn as a touchstone if you are working with one of the Chakras.

Teardrop shaped stone; approximately 16 inches in length.