Seven Wishes Bracelet


These adorable bracelets are backed with huge meaning. Wearing one inspires peace, love and positive change. Touch each knot daily and bring to mind what it represents. The bracelet will fall off with perfect timing; reflect on the significance and know that your wishes have manifested.

A card with seven lines is included with each bracelet for you to write seven intentions, goals or affirmations and keep in a safe place.


Why We Love the Seven Wishes Bracelet: This bracelet is fun AND meaningful - you'll love the feeling you get whenever you glance at your wrist and see it there. At times you will find yourself fingering one of the knots as you think about the particular intention it represents (which you can write on the card that comes with each bracelet). These bracelets make great off-to-college or graduation gifts and serve well as a touchstone for anyone who wants a gentle reminder of where to place their focus.

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