About Us

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." -Unknown

Sue Opeka

We’re passionate about spreading positivity, inspiration and a sense of well-being in the world. To that end we are constantly seeking out unique items which fit with our mission to connect you with products which have a positive focus, bring a smile, promote well-being, and keep us grounded in what’s possible.

Each item is hand-picked by founder Susan Opeka (many of which were carried in her brick-and-mortar store). "I love the idea of inspiring others through a great quote, book or discussion, and have always believed that when people gather around a common goal or idea, magic can happen. There is so much strength in knowing you are not alone and the right words can change everything."  Sue is always interested in your feedback on an item; feel free to send your comments to Sue via our Contact Us page.

Our mission at Uplifting Goods is to inspire the best in you and we:

  • Present a unique and inspiring merchandise collection, curated by Susan Opeka, founder
  • Genuinely care that what we provide touches something in you
  • Distribute items for The Present Moment, Inc. for its One Thought Away(TM) project
  • Provide safe and secure order processing with fast order turn-around
  • Take care of you via our outstanding customer service and
  • Offer the opportunity for you to be an Inspiration Igniter (our customer loyalty program). COMING SOON!

Thank you for shopping with us.