Blessings Bowls

Blessings Bowl

A Blessings Bowl is a beautiful bowl—polished aluminum, crackled glass, or hand-thrown stoneware—that holds written acknowledgment of the blessings in your life. The most meaningful gift you’ll ever give, the Blessings Bowl is a gift of gratitude, a way to connect with our spirituality, and a customized gift that celebrates life’s blessings. Each set contains elegant paper and pen, rich ribbon and poetry, a handmade bowl, a distinguished box with ribbon closure, and the opportunity to touch someone else’s life. Instructions guide you gently through the process of creating your gift, and set you on the path to spreading gratitude and awareness of the richness of our interconnected lives.

The Blessings Bowl® set allows you, the gift-giver, to personalize a paper scroll describing how the recipient has somehow touched your life. The poetic message card encourages the recipient to add their own scrolls to the bowl, documenting ways they believe they are blessed. The end result: a beautiful bowl full of reminders of the richness of their life.
facebook-logo-01.pngWhy We Love Blessings Bowls: There are so many occasions for which a Blessings Bowl is ideal - birthday, wedding, anniversary, birth, remembrance. Sue gave one as a gift at a baby shower and the mom-to-be asked each person there to write a blessing for the baby-on-the-way. Then, each year on the child's birthday, they would unfold one of the blessings and read it to their child. Blessings Bowls are also used as a memorial during shiva, as a way to bless a newly-married couple and as a way to celebrate a milestone anniversary - marriage or retirement. The possibilities are endless which is why Blessings Bowls are a great go-to gift.