Cyn Jones

Cynthia Conte

A modern day renaissance artist, Cyn Jones creates her artful world, from pencil and paint to photography, in her studio (creative vortex) located in Skokie IL. She creates powerful one of a kind heart felt expressions and is Hell-Bent on not being defining by her technique or subject. Thus, her work continues to evolve.

Cyn celebrates within her creations the power of the beauty she absorbs from the world around her. She is known for sharing her vivid “delicious guilty pleasures” of wild color, womanly form and stunning visions. Currently embarking on a journey of shredding her own photography prints combined with paint and inks, Cynthia loves to see art birthed through layers of natural light and intimate loving emotion.

A humbled award-winning media diva, Cyn only desires to bring the essence of creation into full force with a deep emotional truth.

Says Cyn, “It is my intention to soul-connect my art to those who feel its calling.” Cyn loves to see her photographs and art in the hands of those who are inspired to get their own crayons out, brushes wet or look through the lens.  She also loves when children share their own artful creations.  Cyn considers herself to be a creative empathic spark: she runs with a pack of matches in her hand, lighting artful hearts.

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