Jill Davis - Henrietta Glass


artist-17480-view2.jpgJill Henrietta Davis, the owner and designer of Henrietta Glass, became smitten with glass work back in 1988, after experimenting with many different materials and art forms. Says Jill, "Glass can do things that would be impossible with any other material, and although the learning process is quite difficult, once you gain a little fluency, blowing glass is just plain fun."

Jill conveys this fun by blending humor with fine craftsmanship in her designs. “Glass is the most challenging and rewarding material I have ever encountered. You can’t bully it—you are perpetually persuading and coaxing the glass into shape. Even the best living master glass blowers cannot always get the glass to do what they want! It’s this feisty streak that keeps me enchanted."

We agree with Jill. You will love the whimsy of the Habit Rabbits, the fun of the Wishing Ball/Gratitude Globe, and the beauty and meaning of the Circle of Friends vases.

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