I Could Have Kissed That Girl!

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upliftinggoodsblog.pngA practitioner and I were sitting together at an event, chatting with a 9-year-old girl who was waiting while her mom had a session. I left the conversation for a bit to help a guest and when I turned back I heard the practitioner saying something about how girls were different from boys.

"I'm telling her how girls are different from boys," the practitioner said to me. "And that girls can do more than one thing at a time while boys seem able to do only one thing at a time." I knew they had been talking about school but since I hadn't heard the start of their conversation or how the topic had come up, I just watched the girl for a reaction. I could tell she was thinking it over, and then she said the coolest thing . . .

"That must be hard for them," she said. "For boys, I mean." Oh my - I just wanted to kiss that girl! I knew the practitioner hadn't made the comment from a competitive point of view, so having our young friend express only empathy and kindness rather than judgment (at nine years old) was a beautiful thing to hear.

At what age do we lose that? I've been thinking a lot about basic kindness lately. My daughter is a Guest Services Executive Lead at Target and during the holidays she would come home with horror stories of how guests (as they call customers) had screamed and threatened her over something they didn't like. Should anyone have to put up with that? We go on and on about the tragedies in the world but what about simple, basic kindness toward each other? I don't know about you, but I feel it's time we act like that nine-year-old girl and just let love rule.

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