Weeding Will Never Be the Same for Me Again

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"Once you go inside and weed through the muck,
you will find the real beauty,
the real truth about yourself."  Lindsay Wagner

Oprah and Deepak Chopra's latest 21-day meditation experience, Desire and Destiny, is very well done. The content is deep and there was one specific episode that stood out for me.

In the episode entitled "Fearless Me," Deepak leads you through a guided meditation about faulty thinking and fear. He uses the analogy that you can see a beautiful mountaintop in the distance but cannot find the path to get there. As you look down you see that there is indeed a path, it is just overgrown with weeds. You begin to pull the weeds to reveal the path and move forward. Here's a direct transcript for what follows:

"The voice within tells you the weeds are limiting, untidy and wild thoughts that have blocked your path to true freedom. The voice encourages you to release those thoughts as you clear the path. As you continue to pull the weeds from the ground, you identify a belief that no longer serves you and pull a weed and toss it aside.

Ahead is a group of tall weeds whose presence may lead you to walk around them. You are guided to make your way through. You notice the largest one and begin to place your hands around it. From deep within you hear Spirit ask, 'What is your greatest fear?' You stop and listen - you feel the answer, you know it well, and you know it is time to gently let it go. As you release this fear from within, the deeply earthed root gently loosens and is freed. You toss it aside and are now free to move forward on the path."

I absolutely love that powerful imagery and know that weeding will never be the same for me again. The next time I pull weeds I am going to visualize that I am really pulling up any old, untrue, negative, unkind, limiting thoughts about myself or someone I love. 

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