What's So Good About Good Medicine Balls?

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Good Medicine BallsGood Medicine Balls are ideal for relief from muscle, joint or sinus pain and are one of our most popular items. Here’s the story on these little gems, via our interview with Deep Breath Designs owner, Lisa Koziol.

Uplifting Goods (UG): How did you come up with the idea for Good Medicine Balls?

Lisa: My friend, who was in her 60’s at the time, wanted something to help with the stiffness in her hands and wrists and asked me to make a ball shape that she could heat. It took a lot of trial and error so that she was happy with the size and the fragrance. I asked her if I could sell the ball, she said yes and even came up with the name.

UG: How did you choose the ingredients and why are they important?

Lisa: I did a lot of research to figure out what herbs and essential oils would help the ball do its work: to relieve inflammation and joint stiffness. The herbs are used for aromatherapy as well as acting as a carrier for the essential oils. Each herb and essential oil has a quality that adds to the aromatherapeutic experience of the ball.

UG: What is the process for making a Good Medicine Ball?

Lisa: They are a lot of work! My husband mixes 50 pounds of flaxseed with the herbs and essential oil mix into a covered bin. Then he cuts out the pieces, 6 for each ball. I sew them, he fills them with the flaxseed, herbs and essential oil mix, I sew them shut and he packages them.

UG: What feedback do you receive from customers?

Lisa: I only sell wholesale and don’t deal directly with the end customer so I receive my feedback from the companies who do the selling for us. What feedback I do receive makes me grateful to do the work that I do! My husband and I refer to the ball as being “magical”, and anyone who has used one of our balls knows why!

We couldn’t agree more that Good Medicine Balls are magical. We like them hot, we like them cold and we use them all the time. Click here to learn more about them. Good Medicine Balls

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