Herbal Dream Pillows

dream-pillow.jpgFrom the creator of our best-selling Good Medicine Ball . . .

The practice of placing herbs under one’s pillow dates back centuries and was originally done to calm bad dreams, foresee the future and conjure a lover into one’s life. Sewing aromatic herbs into small pillows can help bring peaceful sleep, enhance dreams and encourage dream memory. Herbal pillows are beneficial for adults, babies, children, and pets.

Unlike potpourri, these pillows have a gentle scent which is released as you sleep. The organic herbs used in each have specific properties and are blended together to create your sleep experience.

Known for is relaxing properties, lavender is a wonderful herb which brings a restful quality to sleep for young and old alike.

Hops are much more than an ingredient for an alcoholic beverage - long used to promote restful sleep, hops are very relaxing. Hops can be used to calm the nerves and are perfect for the night before a big test or to help your college student rest in a new environment.

Unlike the previous herbs, instead of relaxing, rosemary actually helps you have vivid dreams. For many of us, we ideally use our sleep time to cope with our daily lives. For those of us who believe in this idea, dreaming can be the way to work out issues and help us feel balanced during the day. Rosemary in small amounts can have a clarifying effect on your dreams.

Long known to also help also stimulate vivid dreams, combining mugwort in a dream pillow that helps your dreams become much more interesting. It is known to help relieve bad dreams, anxieties and helps with sleeplessness.

Our dream pillows are available in three colors in beautiful batique fabrics, with each color representing a specific combination:

PEACE (green): lavender flowers, mugwort, hops

LOVE (purple): rose petals, rosemary, lavender flowers, verbena

DREAM (blue):  lavender flowers, rose petals, mugwort, mint

Herbal pillows are beneficial for adults, children and pets, and placing one containing lavender into a baby’s crib can help with peaceful sleep. Slip one into a pillowcase or pillow and prepare to sleep well.