Graduation Gift Guide


Want to give the perfect meaningful gift for graduation? While everything on our site is inspirational we've selected a few items we know grads will love! Read about our favorites and click the image to see more.

Joann Tomsche Art TileArt Tiles from Joann Tomsche Studio  Beautiful art collage tiles with an engaging word front and center! We're showing the "Adventure" tile here but you will see many more styles on Joann's page. Great as coasters (wouldn't a set of 4 be perfect?) for a dorm room or propped on a desk as a gentle reminder of a one-word intention. ($12.95)


Spirit Lala

Stretch Bracelets from Spirit Lala  One side of these bracelets shows a compelling image, such as the compass we're showing here, and the other side has words of wisdom to live by. Partnering with the compass are the words, Always follow the direction of your heart. Great words for a recent grad! ($15.95) 


Humanity Bracelet

The Humanity Bracelet  We carry the pewter version of this inspiring bracelet which identifies 14 timeless virtues. Side one: Courage, Love, Trust, Honor, Family, Truth, Charity. Side Two: Loyalty, Unity, Passion, Joy, Kindness, Humor, Hope. It comes with a booklet describing each virtue and is packaged in a lovely velveteen pouch. This is a never-take-it-off piece of jewelry. ($31.95)


Possibilities Figurine

Hello Possibilities Figurine by Kelly Rae Roberts  This carved angel holds a beautiful message for the female grad - "her spirit was as brave as the brightest star in the sky". This is one of our most popular offerings from Kelly Rae. ($19.95) Be sure to also check out Kelly's inspirational boxed hearts and wall mantras.



Pewter Paperweight

Pewter Paperweight  A great gift for any grad, our paperweight has one of our favorite, never-goes-out-of-style quotes: 'What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" ($27.95)



Five Minute JournalThe Five Minute Journal You'll want to give one of these journals to every grad you know! Here's why: It's been designed based on the principles of positive psychology and we know being grateful is the single, most effective thing you can do every day to be happier. And while the future may be scary for a grad, writing in this jounal can keep them focused on what's important. Even if someone is not a journaler they'll find this notebook to be fun and worth every minute! ($22.95) 



Flying Wish Paper

Flying Wish Paper Let's Celebrate! Flying Wish Paper is great for all types of celebrations, and grads will have fun with the symbolism of sending their wishes skyward. Great fun at parties and available in a multitude of designs. ($10.95)




99 Things to do When You Have the Time is a great book which reminds grads to not take life too seriously and to leave time for having fun and trying new things. ($14.95)



Habit RabbitsHabit Rabbits are the cutest way to instill a new habit or as a reminder of something we've promised ourselves. These hand-made glass bunnies are a great addition to a high school grad's college dorm room or for any college grad embarking on a career. ($21.95)


Joann Tomsche Art Tile

Grow Big Dreams

Grow Big Dreams We love the simple message on this plaque. Great as a reminder in a bedroom or dorm room; will hang on a wall or perch on a shelf. ($14.95)



Finding Gratitude Journal

Finding Gratitude Journal There's no better time than when we're young to start acknowledging all we have to be grateful for. Taking the time to record what we are grateful for leads to reduced stress and deeper connections with those around us. Perfect for every grad. ($14.95)