Affirmation Mugs

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The folks at IamTra believe that what we focus our attention on is what we experience and with your affirmation mug it can be easy to anchor positive intentions for yourself and your life. Choose the trio of intentions that best aligns with how you want to feel. Repeat your affirmations - those on your cup plus any other affirmation that serves you - with each sip. Drink in your positive energy, trusting that your affirmations will attract what is uniquely beneficial to you because you’re focused in the right direction. You don’t have to be specific about the details; they’ll align themselves with your intention. Repeat throughout the day. In addition to keeping your body well-hydrated and happy, you’ll find your day-to-day experiences reflect who you say you are. You CAN change your life.


Why We Love these mugs: Affirmations are powerful!  Each time you drink from one of these cups you bring positive energy into your body as well as your mind. That's a double dose of power! And there's nothing more powerful than putting your mind to work to  help you focus on a positive intention!