Habit Rabbits (Retiring Soon!)

Habit Rabbits

Instead of waiting to hit the jackpot, this bunny brings you luck by helping clarify what you want and encouraging you to reach your goal. Whether breaking a bad habit or making a good habit, make a promise to yourself and to the Habit Rabbit, then put your lucky bunny where you'll see him throughout your day. Tuck the tiny rabbit charm that comes with each Habit Rabbit into your pocket or purse to bring luck along wherever you go.

Jennifer B. wrote to tell us about how she used her Rabbits after purchasing six of them:
     "I wanted to share what I did with the herd of habit rabbits I ordered. In January I started 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  Upon completion of our training I gave each of my classmates and lead teacher a habit rabbit as a gift to remember our time together and to cheer us on as we go out on our own to teach yoga."

Approximately 3 inches tall and available in a variety of colors, each Habit Rabbit is individually sculpted in hot glass by Henrietta Glass so there are many variations in "personality." Each rabbit comes packaged in a clear plastic cylinder with an artist card and tiny metal rabbit charm.

Perfect for teacher gifts!

facebook-logo-01.pngWhy We Love Habit Rabbits: Have you ever seen a cuter way to remember something? Every time you look at this little rabbit you will smile at the gentle reminder it brings. We were surprised when these began selling as teacher gifts but now we get it - a reminder to stay cool when the class is acting up? Just looking at these colorful bunnies is also a reminder to laugh, which is a great way to feel better.