Color Power Necklaces

Color Power Necklaces

Welcome the energy and power of color with these enchanting stone necklaces from Lucky Feather. Delightful teardrop gems are strung on a linen/poly cord and carded on beautiful mandala inspired cards.  

Each color represents a different trait and the energy associated with it -- 

Red - Energy
Orange - Joy
Yellow - Strength
Green - Heart
Blue - Truth
Purple - Creativity

Feeling low on energy today? You'll want to wear a red Color Power Necklace for, as the card says, "may the power of red inspire vitality and vibrance around you." Going into a tough meeting? Blue, for truth, would be a great choice - "may the power of blue inspire positive and honest connections." Or perhaps it's creativity you desire - "may the power of violet encourage the creativity that you seek."

Color Power Necklaces are great for pairing with other necklaces and can also be worn as a touchstone if you are working with one of the Chakras.

Teardrop shaped stone; approximately 16 inches in length.

facebook-logo-01.pngWhy We Love These Necklaces: While we love the words printed on the card that accompanies each necklace, we love even more the feeling of empowerment we receive when we put one on. Think we're joking? Next time you're having a low-energy day, put a red Color Power necklace on and get ready to face the day with enthusiasm and vitality. We're not saying it's magic - more of making a conscious decision to just feel better. Go for it!