Joann Tomsche Studio Tiles


Joann TomscheJoann Tomsche is a painter and collage and mixed media artist. She finds her inspiration by walking the mountain trails both near and far, in the lush and delicate colors of flowers and sunsets,  and the curving forms of fruits at the market. Joann loves to create beautiful things out of paper, paint, fabric, or other treasures, and she likes to have fun with visual texture and imagery to add layers of meaning and elements of surprise.
We're featuring Joann's Word Play Series of art tiles. Each colorful tiles is a reproduction of an original paper collage art piece. The glossy ceramic tile holds an image which was transferred by a heat sublimation process, making the image permanent, non-fading, and heat safe. Each tile is signed by the artist and can be used as a small art piece or coaster (there are four pads on the back), and comes with a recycled brown bag envelope with the artist's bio and info.