One Thought Away(TM)


“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change."
- Wayne Dyer

Picture this: You’re driving in heavy traffic, approaching an intersection where you will be making a left-hand turn.
The car in front of you slows down early as you approach the light, and seems to be casually cruising up to the light,
leaving you no room to go around to get into the left turn lane. You find yourself cursing the driver of the car in front
of you and perhaps banging on the steering wheel in frustration. When you are able to enter your lane and are waiting
for the signal, you realize you are still feeling angry. “Great,” you say. “My good mood has been ruined.”

 Are you tired of reacting versus responding to situations?

Of letting your thoughts run away with you?

Are you ready to take responsibility for how you feel?

What began as a simple experiment by the folks at The Present Moment, Inc.

is now transforming hundreds of lives.

People of all ages are signing up to be “Thought Ninjas” and take responsibility for how they feel. We believe situations are always neutral; we give them meaning by the thoughts we think about them. And, most importantly, we can feel better by consciously choosing better feeling thoughts and by changing our knee-jerk reactions.

We’re not talking about quantum leaps in our thinking – sometimes just a tiny shift to a new thought is all we need to feel better. What we want is to move away from being our thinking. You cannot think two thoughts at the same time – why not choose ones that feel good?


Here's how to be a Thought Ninja:

    1. Begin by placing the One Thought Away™ band on either wrist. (Notice that it is rather nondescript and doesn’t shout its message to the world.)

    2. Look at the band often so that . . . 

   3. As you go about your day and find yourself in situations that cause you to get irritated, stressed out, disappointed, or sad, you are reminded to choose a better feeling thought. Say to yourself, “What could I think right now that would help me feel better?” Let the old thought go, place the new thought into your mind and move the band to the other wrist. Note how you feel when you do this. (Some people say it is the simple movement of the band that brings about the greatest calm. Other say that just wearing the band is enough for them to shift their thoughts.)

    4. Repeat this process as often as you’d like throughout the day, perhaps saying to yourself, “I am just one thought away from feeling better.”

    5. Most people begin with the intention of continuing this process for 21 days, though many say they can’t imagine not using the band on an ongoing basis. And many have found the band can be used for a variety of purposes:

     - As a reminder to choose healthy, nutritious foods.
As a reminder to slow down when you are worried about being late or hurrying to get somewhere by a specific time.
To instill a new habit.
As a cue to remember something, e.g., to meditate each morning.
As a manifestation tool.

Included with your band are instructions for how to use it, along with helpful tips and techniques for dealing with unpleasant thoughts and ideas for shifting your perspective about those thoughts. 

If you prefer, you can simply keep the One Thought Away(TM) pocket token handy. Display it in a place where you will see it often and remember to think your best thoughts.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles.
It empties today of its strength."
-Corrie Ten Boom

 Here’s what some of our Thought Ninjas have said about the benefits of having the One Thought Away™ band:

“I guess I should start wearing the blue band to bed - or stop reading work emails 1st thing in the morning. It's hard not to as I work in a global company and what is happening in Asia or the UK can quickly escalate if I don't manage it in a timely fashion. So I put the band on and moved it several times. Each time I reminded myself to calm down and not let one individual shift my mood to negative. It was hard to not go negative but the band reminded me I cannot control the other person only my reaction to them.” –D.D.

“Literally thought I was going to break the bracelet switching it often....but it is making me think and realize how frequently I have negative self talk...hmmm.” –C.S.

“My band is moving continually from wrist to wrist each day but as the day progresses it moves less. I feel better slightly when moving it. It’s getting better though the more practice I get with it.” -K.N.

“I love that it's already to the point that often during the day I just need to glance at the bracelet to change my thoughts. Thank you for this gift! AND for the ongoing support to keep it up! I don't want this to slip away like so many things do.” –E.S.

“I started out by changing the band each time I realized I was internalizing events that happened to me. Baby steps...right? After a few days, I began to realize that the act of moving the band symbolized to me what control I actually did and did not have. I can't control the situation, I only control how I react to the situation. Happy to report that today I simply had to look at my band to realize the strength I have internally to shape my perceptions of events. That being said...I don't think I’ll remove the band for quite a while. Those nasty old habits have a way of creeping back in!” –L.S.

“Thank you for this powerful experience. I so appreciate this reminder that, indeed, I do have control over my thoughts. While we may not have control over much, including the experiences we encounter, we can combat our thoughts. :-) Your "One Thought Away" approach is simple enough to adopt, and that I have. It feels good each time I move my bracelet, and doing so has helped me overcome unpleasant thoughts related to both small and big matters. What a wonderful tool. I look forward to continuing to put it to good use." -E.S.

"The one thought away tokens and approach are very supportive of a concept in class I teach for Mastering Emotional Intelligence.  Specifically, the skill of self management i.e. recognizing what you are feeling and using rational thought to stop your self from an emotional hi-jacking!! Purchased the tokens for my last class as a nice reminder!" -M.C.



Get your band today and start taking action towards feeling better!