Finding Inspiration in Burgers

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Compendium's "Wish" Pop-Open Cards“Yesterday is gone forever, but today is a great day for all of us to stop and just say a simple heartfelt thanks to those who have made a difference in our lives.” Dan Zadra, founder of Compendium and creator of Window Cards

Standing on the sidewalk outside a McDonald’s restaurant, Dan Zadra looked up at the sign that read “50 Billion Served” and thought to himself, “Hey, if someone can serve up 50 billion burgers, someone else ought to be able to find a way to serve the world something a little more inspiring.”

And that’s how our #1 best-selling line, Compendium’s window cards, a.k.a. pop-open cards, a.k.a. Thoughtfulls™, came to be. The concept was simple: Hide a brief message of hope and inspiration behind a die-cut window in a little pop-open card—and then encourage people to give them away to inspire others. Dan and crew created an intention - One Billion Messages of Hope and Inspiration Served – and lost count when the distribution figure surpassed 650 million cards. As you’ve seen on our product page, these window cards have been carried into outer space with American astronauts, to the top of Mt. Everest with international climbing teams and to the bottom of the ocean with U.S. submarine crews.

One of our customers, a real estate agent, likes to leave the "Thank You" cards behind in every house she shows as a thank you to the folks who own the home. Other customers have provided a little inspiration to folks in chemotherapy treatment centers, senior living centers and children’s hospitals. We’ve heard from people who have given them at memorial services and weddings; and a favorite use is as part of the place setting on the Thanksgiving table or at large gatherings. The places to tuck these cards are endless!

We are grateful for this beautiful line of cards because we’ve always believed inspiration can be found in the little things and, in the end, the little things are really big things when it comes to bringing meaning and inspiration to someone (or to yourself).