Yes, You by Compendium

There is something undeniably magical about a surprise note - the power of hearing the right message at the right time.

This small box - and, more importantly, what you do with it - is a chance to change someone's day. To change an attitude. Perhaps even to change a life.

With Yes, You every card reminds someone of all the beautiful things they are capable of: "You can make it happen. And you're on your way. Yes, you." Or just how important they are: "You are rare. And you are wonderful. Just as you are. Yes, you." And that their future is bright: "Tomorrow is ready for you. Yes, you."

There's so many ways to use these cards.

  • Tuck one in a lunch bag.
  • Put one on the desk of a co-worker.
  • Leave one in a tip jar.
  • Leave one under the windshield wiper of every single car on your street.
  • Hide one in a library book.

So get out there and do good things. Because there are endless possibiliites just waiting for you to find them. (Yes, you.)