Seeds of Happiness

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Seeds of Happiness started out as leftover lumps of clay used by the founder to make little smiles to give to friends who were going through hard times and needed a little smile.


That was in 2006. Since then thousands of smiles have been given to folks, a handful at a time. In turn, they share them and the story with their friends in need of a smile.

Today the seeds are all over the planet, from Africa to the land down under, bringing smiles to the faces of those who need them. 

Mark Borella, the "Seeds of Happiness guy," became interested in art as a toddler with his first Lego sculptures (or so claims his mom)! As early as high school, Mark’s artwork was focused on faces and smiles. He completed his higher education with four degrees in fine art. Says Mark, "My artwork is not serious, but I take my art very seriously.” 

Seems a lot of people need smiles these days. Share a Smile and spread Seeds of Happiness everywhere! Take a look at how the seeds are handmade in the USA.

We offer the seeds individually with a story card.


 Why we love Seeds of Happiness: We're always on the lookout for small, uplifting items because we believe a lot can be said with the smallest gift. In other words, you don't have to make a major investment in order to brighten someone's day, and sometimes a smile is all that is needed. You can't help but smile when you see one of these little guys and you'll want to keep one handy as a reminder that sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously and just need to laugh a bit.