Good Medicine Ball - Purple

Good Medicine Balls - Purple


Product Description

Small but powerful, Good Medicine Balls are truly one of our favorite things! Filled with organic flaxseed, organic herbs and a soothing blend of essential oils, these little guys will soothe your aching joints and “boo boos” and can be used hot or cold. Anyone who works with their hands – gardeners, knitters, quilters, massage therapists, wood workers – will love the feeling of rolling a warm Good Medicine Ball in between their hands. Or roll one on your shoulders, elbows or knees . . . Ahhh. 

Designed by an artist in Tucson, AZ, the Good Medicine Balls are made by hand, from beginning to end. Her team cuts, sews and stuffs everything by hand and they use only the highest quality natural, organic ingredients. 

3.5" thick by 5" in diameter; in lovely shades of purple batik (we’ll choose the pattern for you).

Bulk pricing by color is available (see drop down menu above). For orders of 15 or more, contact us for special pricing.

Why We Love Good Medicine Balls: These are hands down our best-selling item! We use them  all the time for a variety of reasons. Besides heating it to soothe a stiff neck, or keeping one in the freezer for those days when our sinuses are acting up, sometimes we just sit quietly and inhale the wonderful scent of lavender - it’s so relaxing. Sue will also toss a Ball back and forth between her hands as a way to calm herself for meditation, or to open up her mind when she is in thinking and listening mode. These are the perfect gift for anyone with arthritis (use it warm) or for someone who suffers from headaches (use it cold). Much gratitude to the folks who handcraft these special gems.