Seeds of Joy

Seeds of Joy: Growing Zinnias and Your Zest for Life


Product Description

Mother Nature has a lot to teach us when we are truly open to seeing and hearing her messages. In this book, you’ll discover through the care and nurturing of seedlings, how to bloom and beyond. The process teaches you how to nurture your life. Your career. Your joy. Your success. Filled with empowering action steps and insightful life questions, this book acts as a workbook of sorts, to raise your awareness to what you truly need. To realize the kind of life that you have always wanted. You’ll learn to better walk in the light. To passionately seek the perfect spot to plant yourself. To feed and water your soul and your spirit. To cherish all the moments along the way. If you’re ready to open yourself up to a more beautiful, fulfilling and purposeful life, this book will help show you the way. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping people soar both personally and professionally, Cheri Neal runs a speaking and coaching practice. Her goal? To help people turn adversity into opportunity. That way they can live engaged, fulfilling, and prosperous lives. A dynamic speaker and trainer, Cheri mixes a powerfully refreshing blend of education, energy and entertainment, engaging participants with right-on-time concepts for enhancing their lives at work, home and in their communities.