The Wisdom of Circles

The Wisdom of Circles: Gathering the Women for Conscious Community


Product Description

We have become a world of people who believe that all of us, including nature, are separate and disconnected from one another. Circles can make a difference in the world, moving us from separation to connection.  If we participate and practice the guidelines of the circle, the ripple effect is put into play. We create a momentum… connect to one another in a deeper way, lead a more meaningful life, and then make a difference, first to our family, then to friends, then in the world.

Walking us through her own journey of awakening to a conscious life, Chris Moses shares her intimate story and powerful insights of her transformational process. Her experiences and training slowly evolve into revealing her life’s purpose and passion - facilitating sacred circles, guiding other women through their self-discovery journeys, and building community one circle at a time with her “call to action” - training other women to lead circles.

Chris’ gentle wisdom and diverse training provides simple practical tools and experiences of how to create and facilitate circles for personal and spiritual growth. Women long for a place to fully express themselves, have their authentic voices be heard, feel a sense of belonging, and move into an open-hearted consciousness. She believes by providing this safe container, our connection to the sacred, to the natural world, and to our community expands. Humanity benefits from the release of fear and separatism, and moves toward hope, oneness, and love.

This book is a story of profound healing, a training guide, and an empowering inspiration.

Christine Moses, Founder of Featherheart Holistic Paths, provides counseling and guidance for personal and spiritual growth as well as the facilitation of women's groups for integration of mind, body and spirit. Bridging traditional psychology and intuitive tools with Native American spirituality and healing practices, she supports clients through transformational work with sacredness and compassion. As a long time student and apprentice of cross-cultural shamanic traditions and nature based spirituality, her offerings include many healing traditions, women’s circles, women’s circle leadership training, retreats and ceremonies.

Chris holds a master degree in Holistic Ministries, and is an Ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual Minister, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner and Certified Retreat Leader. She is committed to helping each individual live to their fullest capacity.