Moonlit Glen

Waterfall Glen Soap Co. - Moonlit Glen


Product Description


"Capture a full moon floating high above a deep green silhouette forest glen in a midnight black sky"

Experience a perpetual moonlit glen as you enjoy the exotic combination of  soft, warm and haunting ylang ylang and peppermint essential oils  Rich coconut & pomace oils, 100% natural essential oils, snow melt from the Waterfall Glen forest floor and just enough lye, measured carefully to make it all come together perfectly.  Every bar of Moonlit Glen is a dream filled soft moment of far away memories just beyond reach.  Warm, soothing, mysterious and creamy soft.

Moonlit Glen is art in a bar of soap.  These take planning and days of preparation to create.  The moons are made first and cured separately.  Next, the valley and night sky are created. The moon is inserted and the entire bar is allowed to cure.

Fragrance oils: Sweet and earthy ylang ylang, a whisper of Japanese peppermint oil; Natural colors from nettle leaf powder and activated charcoal, and Dead Sea salt

Vegan natural soap made from saponified olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, grapeseed oil, shea and mango butters, activated charcoal, and Dead Sea salt

Hand cut to approximately 5.6 oz.; 45% organic

Does not contain waxes, parabens, SLS, or preservatives.

Keep soap dry between uses.