Calming Stones


Calming stones, also referred to as worry stones, are smooth polished gemstones that are typically oval shaped and feature an area of indentation for your thumb. They are relaxing in that rubbing the smooth surface of the stone triggers a form of reflexology or nerve pressure (which is why they are commonly referred to as "thumb stones"). When pressure is applied to the stone, the nerves within your thumb activate natural endorphins, bringing about a state of calm relaxation. A great gift for all ages - carry one in your pocket as a touchstone of calm when you need it.

Many people prefer to choose a gemstone for its meaning while others choose based on the stone's color. Unfortunately this vendor was hit hard by the recent supply chain issues and only the following stones are currently available:

Quartz Crystal - Clear - Stone of power
Rose Quartz - Pink - Promotes love
Unakite - Green/Pink - Stone of spirituality
Brecciated Jasper - Dark Red - Remembers dreams

Each stone comes with a gift card that reads: Side One: Worry stones are smooth polished gemstones usually in the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentation. They originated in ancient Greece. Held between the index finger and thumb, rubbing the is believe to lessen one's worries. This action can create calmness and reduce stress. Side Two: The meanings of the various stone colors.

facebook-logo-01.pngWhy We Love Calming Stones: When Sue's children were little (many years ago), one of their favorite books to read was "The Worry Stone" by Marianna Dengler. It told the story of how different lives intersected through the meaning of the worry stone. The beautiful cool stones we carry are appealing to everyone, and especially children. School somehow seems easier knowing you've got a worry stone in your pocket that you can touch whenever you feel afraid or worried. While children are usually drawn to the stones by color, adults seem to prefer a stone that speaks to a specific need. They are also a great meditation starter.