Engraved Stones

logoWhy We Love These Stones: These natural beach pebbles are engraved with some of our favorite sayings and at less than 3" long, you can place one in an unobtrusive place as a reminder to change your thoughts. The "So What" stone is great for the office, lending its powerful mantra to stressful situations. One mom wrote to tell us she keeps a "Let it Be" stone close at hand when the kids are around. We can all benefit from the words "Begin Again" and we love to be reminded that "It's All Good." Lastly, many of us have to learn the hard way to "Never Take Anything for Granted." Because they're smooth and cool to the touch, these stones are great to hold in your hands during meditation. And they also make great paperweights!

 Note: These engraved stones are natural beach pebbles or river stones. As such, the shape, color and/or any blemish or natural imperfection on the stones should not be considered as a defect, but rather as a unique characteristic of the particular stone.