Circle of Friends Vases

Circle of Friends Vases

As children, we often have a single best friend who means everything to us. Our world enlarges as we grow; our interests, needs and emotions expand and we happily find ourselves with a circle of best friends, each of whom brings a different quality and strength to our lives. As life gets ever more hectic we often forget to tell the people we care about how important they are to us. The Circle of Friends vases are designed to celebrate our friends' unique gifts, and to say, "Thank you for being part of my circle."

Made by hand by Henrietta Glass, it is difficult to capture the beauty of these vases in a picture. Each one is approximately 5 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter and comes packaged in a gift box with a tag specific to its color/trait. On the reverse of the card is a sentiment to share with your friend.

Colors we carry - 

Green - Energy

Rainbow - A True Friend

Red - Strength

Turquoise - Serenity

Yellow - Optimism

Pink - Compassion

Cobalt - Loyalty

facebook-logo-01.pngWhy We Love These Vases: Not only are these vases hand-blown and beautiful, the sentiments on each card are the words we wish we'd thought of. This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything or to express our gratitude to those we care for the most.