Forget Me Not Memory Jars


Unfortunately this glass artist was hit hard by Covid-19. The Forget Me Not Jars have been retired and will no longer be available.

 You go to the lake every summer and collect the most perfectly round pebbles . . . You take your dream vacation to Fiji, picking up shells on the beach . . . You keep the fortune cookie fortune you got on your first date with "the one" . . .

Lucky pennies, concert and movie ticket stubs, dried flowers, baby teeth, love notes . . . we naturally cherish the little objects that mark life's special moments, but as time passes these tiny totems can get lost in the shuffle. The Forget Me Not Memory Jar is a safe home for your treasures.

Each handblown memory jar comes with a cork and label you can fill out and affix to the bottom.

facebook-logo-01.pngWhy We Love These Jars: We think these are a beautiful way to hold onto your memories, whether that be of a fantastic vacation, a significant life moment or in remembrance of a special person in your life. They also make great gifts for mom when you're heading off to college,  as a thank you gift to that special teacher or to your significant other to celebrate a special day. You can also keep one handy to "fill as you go" with ticket stubs or lucky pennies you find on the ground - they're great for anything/anyone we consider unforgettable.