Waterfall Glen Soap

Waterfall Glen Soap Co.

Waterfall Glen Soap Company is a small, family-owned business of vegan small batch soap and cosmetics. Blending mind, body, earth, and spirit, every product has a story; every ingredient is hand-selected. 

Douglas Coggeshall and Katia Ilieva ​shaped Waterfall Glen Soap Company in a passion-fueled ​pursuit ​of​ chemical-free soaps and skin care. After years of exhaustive research, Waterfall Glen Soap Company grew to become an all natural, healthy, vegan soap and cosmetics company. Their slogan - Share the Goodness - grew from the mindset to always search for the finest ingredients for  every product.

WFG Soap

The company uses therapy-grade essential oils from worldwide sources. Activated charcoal, botanicals, root powders, and clay create the colors of the products. Everything is made in their own studio in Palatine, Illinois

Waterfall Glen boasts zero animal testing, zero SLS and zero parabens. The hand-crafted vegan soaps are free of waxes and fillers plus are infused with the ancient healing of Dead Sea 

Each 5.6 oz. soap comes dressed in a paper wrapper, inside an organza bag (in case you want to place it in a drawer), with the story of how the soap was imagined.

facebook-logo-01.pngWhy We Love This Soap: Not only is this soap decadently creamy, there is a little bit of art in every bar and each one has a story. We love the fusion of eastern European and American folklore in these unique bars of soap. If you are someone who is tired of mainstream commercial soap products, you're in for a treat with these handmade creations. Each bar is a bit larger than conventional bars, and the folks at Waterfall Glen encourage their customers to cut the bars in half to use in two places or to keep one on hand  just for the wonderful scent. We say Yes! to that because the right scent can be uplifting and stimulating. We know you will enjoy the scents we've chosen here.