Aromafloria Inhalation Pouches


For nearly three decades, Aromafloria has delivered finely crafted, artisanal quality products, before natural "wellness" or "clean green" were even categories.  Each unique formula is powered by a custom blend of organic essential oils, therapeutic herbs, exotic botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals to deliver optimal health benefits.

As founder Sharon Christie says, "Wellness is a journey that never stops but just changes as we navigate life. I witnessed first hand the benefits of Aromatherapy when studying plants collected from the Rain Forest and how the Tribal People benefited from the aromatic plants and how they incorporated them into their self-care rituals to stay healthy.  When I created Aromafloria I had one purpose and it still resonates today: to help our consumers obtain balance of body, mind and spirit, while preserving the Earth and her resources. I promoted a "Do it Yourself" platform to encourage ownership to one's self-care with simple natural remedies that could make a difference in how you feel and age. Little did I know it would take 30 years to achieve this "Moment in Time" where we are all thirsty for more natural solutions to the high levels of stress and environmental burdens that we and our society are faced with today."


Aromafloria Aromatherapy products are manufactured in a USDA Certified Organic facility that is 100% Wind Powered. Ingredients are carefully sourced from fair trade markets worldwide. Great care is taken to ensure that suppliers adhere to the highest ethical standards and that all organic plant based materials are harvested from renewable and ecologically sustainable growers. Every effort is made to leave a minimal footprint on the environment, to keep Earth's natural resources in tact for future generations to come