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Nectar Essences was founded with the desire to share the highest quality natural remedies. The company's proprietary formulations reflect their dedication to scientific research and their in-depth knowledge of traditional medicinal practices. By infusing the energy medicine of flower essences into 100% therapeutic essential oils, the physical, mental and emotional components of overall well-being are addressed. It's no wonder the company's motto is:

Breathe in. Feel better.

Aromatherapy products are known for smelling good. Medical Aromatherapy takes it a step further by using essential oils not just for their nice scent, but for their specific therapeutic benefits to the body, both physically and emotionally.

aroma.jpgWhile humans have been using plant aromatic compounds, called essential oils, for thousands of years the plants have been fine tuning their healing powers for millions of years. Yes, millions of years. Medical Aromatherapy takes these powerful plant essential oils and applies them to everyday concerns such as boosting your immune system and energy levels, improving mood and mental focus, or helping calm and relax you.


How does aromatherapy work? The sense of smell is connected directly to the brain's limbic system, the area that regulates emotions, motivations and memory. This means that essential oils can have an immediate impact on your nervous system, which plays a role in nearly every aspect of your health and well-being. Scent molecules bond with receptors. Olfactory receptors then send electric signals that travel to the olfactory bulb and along the olfactory tract until they are transmitted to the higher regions of the brain. Those areas of the brain send signals to the nervous system, lymphatic system, muscular systems, circulatory system, etc.

To choose the best product for your situation, refer to the chart below.ccjcw.jpg


Why We Love Nectar Essences: Aromatherapy works! And we love that Nectar Essences takes the guesswork out of having to choose the right essential oil for what ails us. They've made it easy by putting together the perfect blends that consider physical symptoms as well as emotional ones for everyday wellness concerns such as stress, fatigue, poor sleep and lack of focus. No testers needed!